Mary the Gate...


Our Lord Jesus Christ

Praised be Jesus; King of kings, Lord of lords and God of gods
Psalm 136:2-3; Revelations 19:16

This web site is under the patronage of Maria Rosa Mystica, but it is ultimately dedicated to her Divine Son. For as wonderful as Our Lady is, we Catholics recognize that she would be nothing apart from Jesus.

He is God, the Creator and Artisan of all; she is His creature, His greatest masterpiece.

Mary was created and forordained to be the Mother of Christ our God. So her entire existence revolves around Him. Her only desire is to bring Jesus to us and us to Jesus. Never has creation seen a more "Christ-centered" being than the Holy Virgin!

All of her prerogatives trace back to Christ as well:

The Two Hearts

Mary is not a "barrier" to a relationship with Jesus. She is an open gate; the very gate through with He came into the world, and one through which we might come to Him. She is like a clean, clear window through which the Light of the Sun of Justice shines without any hinderance. Thus we see Jesus in her clearly; more clearly than in any other creature, since others are stained by sin and so obstruct the Light of God to differing degrees.

She is so close to Jesus and so completely consecrated to Him that it is no longer she who lives, but Christ Who lives in and works through her (see Galatians 2:20). Thus devotion to her does not detract from devotion to Him; rather, she is the Temple in which we encounter and adore the Living Lord.

So let us who honor Mary offer the highest praise, worship and thanksgiving to her Divine Son, our Lord, our Savior and our God, for giving us such a wonderful Mother!

"You alone are Holy
You alone are Lord
You alone, Jesus Christ,
are the Most High God
together with the Holy Spirit
in the Glory of God the Father!

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