Devotion to the Seven Sorrows of Mary goes back to the Middle Ages. It has been promoted by the Servite Order.

The Rosary of the Seven Sorrows consists of forty-nine Hail Marys, divided into seven groups of seven. Each group of seven is begun with an Our Father, as in the regular Rosary. Some people start the Rosary with an Act of Contrition, since the devotion has a penitential character.

Also like the regular Rosary, the groups of seven Hail Marys are an occasion for meditation on "Mysteries"; in this case, the Seven Sorrows of Mary, listed below.

In the style of the Scriptural Rosary, I have provided seven Scripture verses for each sorrow. These can be recited before each Hail Mary. There is also a fine example of Western Religious art for each sorrow (except the Loss of Jesus in the Temple, I'm still looking for a good one!).

  1. First Sorrow: The Presentation

  2. Second Sorrow: The Flight Into Egypt

  3. Third Sorrow: The Loss of Jesus in Jerusalem

  4. Fourth Sorrow: Mary Meets Jesus on the Via Dolorosa

  5. Fifth Sorrow: Mary at the Foot of the Cross

  6. Sixth Sorrow: Mary Receives Jesus' Body

  7. Seventh Sorrow: Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

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