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Perhaps you have noticed that I do not provide a "mailto:" link anywhere on this site.  I did this because spammers typically use special software (sometimes called a "spambot") which scans web sites for "mailto:" links.  The spambot then scavenges the email address contained therein and adds it to a list to be used for unsolicited commercial email (UCE, or "spam").  So not using a "mailto:" link on ones site cuts down on the spam one receives!

This does pose a slight inconvenience to anyone who wants to email me, so I apologize for that.  But this page contains a number of alternative ways you can contact me, which are immune to spambot scavenging (so far!). Perhaps other webmasters can glean ideas from this page, to help them avoid spambot scavenging on their own sites!

First, you might consider using my Guestbook instead of email.  This is best for comments about the web site which you don't mind if other read them.  However, i t is a public forum; if you post your message there, anyone on the Web can view it!

So if you want to tell me something privately, here are your options:

  1. If your browser is JavaScript enabled, you can use this button:

    (Spambots ignore JavaScript.  If you don't see a grey button above which says "Send me some email",  your browser does not support JavaScript.)

  2. If your browser is not JavaScript enabled, you can use the following form:

    E-mail address:



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Thank you for your feedback.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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