These articles are designed to answer objections to Catholic doctrines and practices relating to the Mother of Jesus Christ our God.

Most of the questions on the following pages come from my personal experience talking to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. They were actually posed to me, and the responses are in my own words. Other questions may be drawn from anti-Catholic literature, Q & A columns in Catholic periodicals, and similar sources. If that is the case, the questions are generally paraphrased and the answers are in my own words except where I quote someone (the quotation marks and citations clearly distinguish those).

Most of the questions address Protestant/Evangelical objections to Catholic Marian teachings, but a few address other groups. For instance, some of the questions in the "Immaculate Conception" section address common Eastern Orthodox objections to that doctrine, since many (but not all) of them reject it. And the objections in the section on the "Virginal Conception and Birth of Jesus" are mainly directed at modernists and non-Christians who reject those teachings (most Evangelicals accept the Virginal Conception of Jesus, so those objections don't pertain to them).

All Scripture quotes come from the King James Version (KJV) unless otherwise noted. I did this in part because the KJV has no copyright, which eliminates a lot of problems, and in part to accomodate that segment of Protestantism which believes the KJV is the "only inspired version of the Bible". If the KJV is not your translation of choice, feel free to look up quotes in your favorite version, since there is very little difference between translations anyway.

I hope to make this series of articles as extensive as possible, covering every difficult issue, answering every question, objection or misconception I have ever heard. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions for objections which I do not cover, please feel free to email me.

If your opinions differ from those expressed in the following articles and you wish to complain, I only ask that you be Christian about it; please don't flame me or use profanity or the like (some people do that; you'd be surprised!). If anyone wants to verbally attack or harrass me by email, please don't bother because I don't want to have to report you to your email server (apologies to the majority of readers who would never do such a thing; that last sentence is intended for the few who would!).

If you disagree with me, feel free to find or set up a website somewhere else to present your point of view.

Table of Contents (with approximate file sizes):
  1. Mary as the New Eve (19.2 K)

  2. The Ark of the New Covenant (8.2 K)

  3. Mother of God (27.6 K)

  4. Immaculate Conception (31.3 K)

  5. Mary's Sinless Life (14.2 K)

  6. The Virginal Conception and Birth of Jesus (14.4 K)

  7. Perpetual Virginity (26.6 K)

  8. Mary's Assumption (12.3 K)

  9. Heavenly Queen (11.2 K)

  10. Our Spiritual Mother (15.4 K)

  11. Mary's Intercession (13.3 K)

  12. "Mariolatry"??? (31.9 K)

  13. Marian Devotions (27.9 K)

  14. Is Mary the Coredemptrix? (18.8 K)

  15. Final Questions (15.7 K)

  16. Appendix: Mention of Mary in Scripture (22.8 K) -New!
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