The Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a well-beloved, centuries-old form of meditation in the Christian West. Holy Icons are an even more ancient aid to meditation which flourishes in the Christian East. A few years back I decided to bring these two together, by combining the Scriptural Rosary with icons illustrating each Mystery. The following pages are the partial realization of my vision.

Why "partial"? Because I have not found an icon for every one of the 15 Mysteries (and I have none for the new Luminous Mysteries yet). This is why not all the pages have graphics as of yet (as you will notice). Though technically incomplete, I have linked them so that web surfers may at least benefit from the Scriptural Rosary. I will continue to search for suitable icons, and might temporarily place some fine examples of Western sacred art on those pages until the spaces can be filled by authentic icons. I pray that you will draw spiritual benefit from these humble pages.

Rosary of Our Lady
Don't know how to say the Rosary? Here are some Instructions.

And in case you need them, here are the Prayers of the Rosary, in both English and Latin.

May God bless you through the prayers of our sweet Mother Mary!

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